Monday, 24 December 2007

Another Wigeon

Friday's drake Wigeon was not seen on Saturday, however, on Sunday, what was at first thought to be the same bird was located. At first it was only heard, but then it was viewed tucked into the western bank of the reservoir. It was then noted that this bird did not have a very obvious cream flash on its forehead, unlike the bird on Friday. Also, this bird behaved differently, in that it was less adgitated and at times vocal. The bird was still present on Monday, probably because building work on the filter beds has ceased for the Xmas break.

Six Siskins were also present on Monday, feeding in the Alder trees at the back of the Conservation Area pond. Also of note was the presence of a female Blackcap in a garden bordering Wood Green Allotments, seen for a few minutes around 2pm on Sunday and in the same garden the following day, Monday, Xmas eve, a male Blackcap was seen.